KIds Self Esteem

Manifesting Your Kids Self-Esteem Using Positive Affirmations


In preschool Julian was bullied in school, he was only 3.  He always prided himself on what a fast runner he was. One day when I picked him up he told me he was a slow poke and stupid. This broke my heart to hear those words come from his little mouth.  It was that night I started to rebuild his self esteem and faith in himself on how awesome he is.  As I was putting him to bed I would softly speak positive things about him. “You are smart, you are funny, you are a great friend, you are a fast runner”.

Julian is a sensitive soul through and through. He is harder on himself than anyone could be to him.  He is me, I feel it is my responsibility to help him see all the beauty he has with in himself. Our cards, which I originally wrote the words and he decorated help him pick things to replace any negative feelings he may have brewing within him. It allows him to pick words to be proud of. As he grows and understands more he is writing out his own cards.  On hard days we pin them to our vision boards, the back of the door or wherever he might need to see that message that day.

To make your own is really easy!!

What you need:

Index cards or card stock and all the things that are awesome about your kid.. that’s it. If you need some help getting started check out the list below and pick a few!

Positive Affirmations for Kids

I am strong I am important
I am loved I am compassionate
I am smart I am funny
A bad moment doesn’t make a bad day I am kind
I am  good friend I am honest
I am a miracle I can do anything
I appreciate myself and my family I am worthy
I am perfect just as I am I am enough

Affirmations for Parent to Reinforce your Child’s Self-Esteem

You are important to our family You are my sunshine
I appreciate you You make my day better
You are my favorite part of the day You did a great job
You are a great person You are kind
You are a wonderful kid You are smart
You are creative You are a fast runner
I believe in you I know you do your best
I know you are kind You are thoughtful
You make the world better You can do anything
You are helpful You’re beautiful
Love surrounds you You have a beautiful heart
You have great ideas I love talking to you

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