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Chores for Kids



In our house Julian is expected to do a list of daily chores that he is not rewarded for monetarily.  Since he is a member of this house hold he is expected to chip in some sweat to keep the house clean and to encourages him to participate in activities such as cooking and setting the table. I made a separate list to give him the opportunity to make money.  This list helps to build his character and gives him the option to learn how he can make a difference. There are things on there ranging from volunteering to reading extra books. He enjoys picking something each week, sometimes more than one.

To get him to do some extra chores I make it into a scavenger hunt. Things like collect all water bottles and get them ready to be recycled, collect all things that are green to be put away etc. It makes it fun and he gets excited that he earned some money while doing it.

We keep it up in the hallway so if he needs to refer back to what he needs to do it is right there for him to read. Here’s what we have up, what chores do your kids do? Do you pay them for completing their chores?

Julian’s Chores:


  • Homework
  • Read
  • Set the table
  • Dishes
  • Put Jeorge out  (our dog)


  • Homework
  • Read
  • Clear the table
  • Clean your desk
  • Put Jeorge out


  • Read
  • Homework
  • Help prep dinner
  • Put Jeorge out


  • Read
  • Homework
  • Set the table
  • Dishes
  • Put Jeorge out
  • Clean up your toys


  • Soccer practice
  • Clear the table
  • Put Jeorge out
  • Sort your laundry
  • vacuum


  • Set the table
  • Dishes
  • Pick what we are having for dinner
  • Put Jeorge out

Tasks for money  $$

  • Read three books, aside from homework assignments
  • Complete extra chores
  • Perform two random acts of kindness
  • Help me put up positive flyers for people
  • Complete your reading quest
  • Volunteer
  • Pick up garbage from the neighborhood
  • Weed the yard and driveway
  • Help clean out the car, vacuum it and go with me to the car wash
  • Make thank you cards for veterans
  • Help me with the laundry
  • Sweep the kitchen and bathroom floors
  • Complete 5 pages from your sight words
  • Go one day with no tv, video games or computer
  • Make a craft for someone else





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