Elf on The Shelf

Is Your Elf Naughty or Nice?


Is your home haunted by that creepy but kind Elf on the Shelf? I was against it for awhile, until a family member convinced me to buy it. He was on sale for 75% off after Christmas which led to the decision to just do it.  Remembering to move him is sometimes an issue, those days I make up a story or throw him someplace before Julian walks into the room.  Elfie is now part of our Christmas tradition and Julian wakes up overjoyed to see where he is.   Have you ever forgotten to move your Elf? By December 20th are you ready to just stuff him in a stocking? I have felt that way at times when I just don’t know what to do with him but the excitement from Julian makes it worth it.  It is one more day he believes in the magic of Christmas. Here are a few pictures from the 3 years I have been moving this guy around!



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