Prepping Healthy Meals For Better Eating Habbits

Prep Time Is Anytime When You Want To Make A Change In Your Eating Habits

The biggest excuse for not eating better and taking care of ourselves is time and money.  I no longer have that 9-5 job, instead of fitting my life around work I decided to fit work around my life.  Even with that it seems I have found many things to fill my spare time.  I’ve had very poor eating habits in the past, once setting myself as a priority that has changed. I’m on an extremely tight budget but still want the best that is offered in our supermarket.  I am a constant coupon cutter and will go to different stores for what I want. Making myself important and not wanting Julian to learn the same bad habits makes the extra trips worth it to get the best bargains.

Prepare before entering the store.  Figure out what you’ll be making based on what’s on sale. I try to do as much organic as possible, if not organic non GMO.  There are coupons for these items!  If you go to the companies website they usually have printable coupons, which I print at the library sometimes to save my ink cartridges. Once you have your list go in and stick to it! Shop the outer area of the store. This is where you will find whole foods as they need refrigeration. Going through the aisles can lead to adding more processed foods blowing your meal plan and budget at the same time.

Prep time is anytime you’re not running around. I don’t have a set time when I do it but I always get it done.  Based on what’s on sale can dictate when it happens. If I’m making soups, vegetarian chili or enchiladas I make it all on Sunday so it’s ready for dinners and lunches. Some days are like today, as Julian did his homework I prepped. I washed my fruit in my Thieves fruit and veggie cleaner while I cut up left over chicken making it into an amazing chicken salad. Math, snacks, lunches while dinner is cooking makes me a happy mama!

When do you prep your food? Do you involve your kids? Julian loves to help prep as well as helping decide what we’re going to have. Do your little .. or big ones help in the decision making on what’s for dinner?

My finished product:

Chicken, grapes, vegan mayonnaise, raw walnuts and a few cran raisins. Adding bacon is optional, I left it out.







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