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Finding Peace in a Book


I am one that loves the idea of reading books. I go to the bookstore and spend hours there thumbing through all the titles, going back and forth with all the different subjects and spend time going through every single book they have in the bargain book bin. I browse the Magazines I get some coffee and I make a day of it because I love everything about books.

My issue is my attention span and finishing a book. Even though my schedule goes around my life I still find myself being very busy as the books stack up on my nightstand each of them being half read. I found a better way which is the books on CDs.

I find buying these CDs in that same beautiful bookstore actually get finished. I choose things that I know are okay for Julian to listen to as well since if he is not in school he is with me. I have CDs from Eric worre, Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn and two of my absolute favorites, the Oola guys. I’ve listened to all of these over and over many times but the one that captured my heart and has brought me an exponential amount of peace is the one pictured above “Buddha a story of Enlightenment” written and narrated by Deepak Chopra.

I was searching for a book on enlightenment which was  recommended to me. When searching for it,  I found the one written by Deepak Chopra on CD. It’s by far the best $9.99 I’ve spent. I have listened to the CD more than 15 times to date and plan on restarting it shortly. It is a story that elevates my awareness and makes the gratitude that I feel daily heightened.

The story is narrated by the author Deepak Chopra and it starts with Buddha as a baby being born to royalty in his beautiful castle. It takes you through his journey of finding himself and finding peace that he’s not even sure exists. He puts himself through so many situations where most would crumble. To follow him on this journey until he reaches his ultimate enlightning is so beautiful,  something that I don’t even have exact words for, the best I can say is it makes me want to be a better person listening to him. It is powerful in the most subtle way. I find myself releasing any stress and anxiety I may have as I listen to this. It’s something I strongly recommend for anyone who is looking for a book on enlightenment, a spiritual path or just wants a good read / listen.

Julian actually request this CD to be played and he can cite certain parts of it as if it’s his own.

Have you read this? How has it affected you if at all?


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