Are There Bugs in Your Food?

Are There Bugs in YOUR Food?


Have you ever craved something, bought everything you need to make it just to have it spoiled?

All I wanted was pan fried cauliflower, par boiled cauliflower mixed with panco breadcrumbs, parsley and garlic cooked with olive oil in a pan. It’s one of my favorite side dish that I usually make into my main dish with a salad on the side.

Water is boiling, my panco mixture ready to be applied, I cut open my fresh cauliflower to see the nastiest looking 100 legged bug staring at me. WTF! Screaming mom stabbing a bug in the kitchen!!!! Now what? Do I clean it with my Thieves fruit and veggie cleaner? If I cut into it again are there more? Will I have heart failure if more come out through the crevices? Am I dramatic? Absolutely,  is it really? Absolutely.

I par boiled it whole, cut it up and fed it to my dog which eats a raw food diet.

There should be no surprise that when buying organic vegetables there will be bugs. There’s no pesticides, they are non-GMO so of course bugs will thrive and at times be left behind when it’s packaged. Is this my first time finding a bug, unfortunately no, although this was the first with it being alive. I react the same exact way each time, get ultra grossed out and move on. Those things that can kill the bugs in my opinion are the same that can kill us which is why I opt for organic.

I remember when I was younger we had a garden with radicchio which I hated but my dad and nonno ate with dinner every night. It was cut from the garden and each leaf had to be separated and soaked in the sink for the duration of the day. The theory was that all the dirt would sink and all the bugs would drown off. When a bug survived my nonno would announce he had extra protein with his salad. ::::vomit::::  I’m unable to have that attitude, it’s just too gross for me.

For this meal I opted for frozen veggies, still organic but pre cut and washed lol. I swapped out the cauliflower with broccoli -definitely not as good but it worked. I roasted some butternut squash and mixed it with some pasta. I’m happy with my bug free, non-GMO, pesticide free organic meal. It will be a while before I buy cauliflower again but eventually it be on my plate…bug free.

Has this ever happened to you? What did you do?


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