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Manifest 2017 in 17 Seconds



Think —-> Intention —-> Receive —->  Law Of Attraction in action!

Have you heard of the Law Of Attraction? Do you believe that what you tell your mind becomes reality? If so then you are inadvertently practicing the LOA.  Just as quoted by Buddha, “What we think, we become” it is just the same as if someone is verbally abusive towards another, soon that person will believe all that is said about them to be true. Change that negative and replace it with nothing but positive affirmations and wishes spoken in your own voice, wouldn’t that cause the same outcome in a positive manner?

Many say they are their own worst enemy, they sabotage their own path.  If you are incredibly hard on yourself and put yourself down as soon as something goes wrong then you are sabotaging yourself. Or when something goes good you immediately think of something that can go wrong instead of just enjoying it.  If you are quick to come up with reasons as to why someone else is more deserving, qualified, beautiful etc. or deciding that you can’t do something before you’ve even started then again you are sabotaging yourself.  It is easier for most to believe something negative about themselves then it is to believe something positive.

If you are doing this then first thing you need to do is change your point of view of you and retrain your brain to understand how beautiful and worthy you are.  You are deserving of happiness and to enjoy an abundantly full life. In my life I was abused in any way you can think of by many different people. I allowed others to shape my thoughts of myself, I allowed them to take my voice, my self-love and I was the biggest self sabotager I have to date ever known. It took me awhile to understand what I was doing, why I was doing it and to change my way of thinking.

I started with restoring my self-love, it is not easy and you have to allow yourself a slip up here and there. If this is you, you can also start with self love, it is harder to manifest anything if you don’t love yourself enough to feel worthy of receiving it.  Start with daily affirmations, ” I am beautiful, I am worthy, I am enough, I am important, I am smart, I love me” even if this is not how you feel about yourself at that moment, I promise you will eventually. It is okay to love yourself, it is okay to want better for yourself and it is okay to take care of yourself because you are worth it.

Once you are comfortable with that you expand ” I am successful, I attract abundance, I am my own hero, I am in charge of myself”. Your mind as well as the way you think will change and you’ll see changes on who you choose to have around you. Slowly replacing negative noise with positive peace. Your circle will slowly change and you will feel the positive shift in surrounding energy.  You are attracting like-minded people who support and not question what you are trying to do for yourself, the shift is real.

When we set exact intentions that we want manifested it takes 17 seconds for it to be sent out to the universe. Once you set your intentions you should be repeating it every time you think about it, meditate, before sleeping, eating, out loud, in the mirror, in the car or telling it to others that practice the LOA. Keep your intentions clear, they will change and evolve as you practice. Manifesting will become second nature as well as setting your goals. Take time to reevaluate your intentions and allow them to change, let go of what has already come and replace them with current intentions. Sometimes what you have been manifesting is there, but you are not seeing it, take a step back when you reevaluate, it could have come to you in a different way then you expected.  Some use LOA to manifest material things, some like myself use it to enhance our lives making it more abundant in ways other than the car we drive.

Making a vision board is helpful in keeping your intentions in constant view. I set up  Pinterest My Pinterest if you want to see boards, each of my visions is represented and sorted by category. I need things to be organized so I can look through them without feeling overwhelmed. Having them there gives me access wherever I am and helps me stay focused.

Why do some manifestations take longer than others? Most times it depends on the person. Remember your mind and the universe hear both positive and negative, encouraging and discouraging words as well as real wants and real needs. Keeping yourself focused and positive is key to manifesting your intentions. Also as I stated above, sometimes what we are manifesting showed up in a different way then expected.

As well as having the vision boards on-line we also have vision boards and our intentions tacked onto our bedroom door so they are always in sight. Julian and I update, adding and taking away things all the time to go with our intentions. Even if you decide not to make a vision board, write your intentions down on paper so you can keep focus on them.

Don’t give up just because something isn’t coming to you fast enough. You have to trust the universe in that what you are manifesting will come to you at the right time.  Stressing, getting anxious or worrying over the timing can interrupt what you have already set in motion.  Remember to enjoy and have gratitude for what you already have and not to stop life waiting for that one manifestation to come forward. Each day is a beautiful gift that you are worthy of receiving, embrace it, live it and love it. So in 2017, take those 17 seconds to manifest and elevate them into a masterful abundant life that you deserve!!

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