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Meditation Minded



I always try to stay mindful and present. There are so many distractions in my world that sometimes it takes me awhile to fully focus on my meditation.  Even so, I make it a priority to meditate at least once a day, sometimes for as short as 3 minuets  and sometimes as long as a hour. I love meditating and the clarity it brings me but it is something most mornings I have to force myself to do. I wish with everything in me I was one of those people that jumped out of bed right into meditation, but I am not. I have to remind myself why I need to do it, the solace I get from it and the meaningfulness attached to it.

In many ways in my life I feel a bit like a tortured soul that is forever looking for peace. I feel extremely deep, not only my own pain but of those around me. It is rare that I can stay mad or angry at anyone for anything as I will sort out the reasons why a person did something and instead of being mad think of ways to help them.

My focus is usually scrambled as my mind is all over the place. I need help getting into my zone. I always listen to music, usually this meditation music is my first choice to help me center myself. I  put on my diffuser with Frankincense, Palo Santo, Myrrh and Valor. Once I have this in place it is within moments that I am able to focus and elevate.

It is the Olfactory in the brain where smells and sound are processes.  There is real science behind why when you smell something or hear a song certain memories can be triggered.  Young Living oils break through the brain blood barrier into this nerve and it is what helps me focus. Diffusing oils and listen to calming music can help heighten the meditation experience, it does for me.

Days when my meditation is less then five minutes it is because I am going rouge, just me and my yoga mat. The times I took the time to set myself up properly are the days I get the most out of that time.  I hope you have a great meditation today, remember to stay mindful and put aside time just for you.



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