How Fast Do Oils Work?

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I had my first oily massage experience when I won a raffle at a craft fair. I was beyond excited as I never had a real massage and I love oils.  When she arrived I was nervous, do I get naked? Do I stay dressed? Do I tell her where I hurt or just let her go at it?

She guided me onto her table and covered me up. She explained what to expect and started in with the oils. It was an awsome experience from head to toe. She put peppermint on my feet and told me all the reasons I need to do this daily. Within a few minutes I could taste the peppermint in my mouth.

These oils break through the blood-brain barrier into the olfactory bulb which is a part of the brain that reacts to smells and sound. This is why a scent or song can trigger a memory. Within 20 minutes the oils have reached each of your cells and is in your blood.

The lady that came used oils other then Young Living. Once she left I did a lot of research and consulted with my mentor and realized I needed to use Young Living.

Young Living has a seed to seal process, meaning they own the seed, they own their land, they cultivate their own land, cold press the oil and test it’s purity. I know that the oil I get is a pure oil with no synthetic added to it. If there is a bad crop, that oil will be out of stock. They even invite you to visit the farms which is on my bucket list.

Our skin is our biggest organ. The oils she used didn’t recommend them to be ingested yet I tasted it in my mouth meaning it was in my body.  What we put on our body will eventually be in our body so why not make it pure?

You can check out Young Living here http://www.youngliving.com/jvguillaume

I truly believe once you see the value you will realize they are priceless!


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