Daily Intentions


Do you set daily intentions for yourself and/or have your child set them? Do you write them down or speak them out loud, or do both?

Everyday on our way to the bus stop we speak about what our day is going to be like; busy, sports, dinner out etc. Then we go over what a great day we’re going to have. We talk about what fun Julian will have and guess what new things he will learn that day. Some days he doesn’t want to hear it from me so I let him lead the conversation which always ends up with positive affirmations. He questions me sometimes about why I say these things and I always tell him his attitude towards the day is a choice. No matter what, he has to be in school, why not make the choice to enjoy the day.

When he gets off the bus he let’s me know if it was a great day or a not so great day and we talk about why. He’s 6 and tells me everything, something I hope will continue in the future. He understands what went wrong in his day and talks about what he would do differently should it happen again. Constant critical thinking on his part.

We set out intentions at night for the next day right after we say our prayers. He used to make them all about poop and farts but as he got older (we’ve been doing this since he was 3) he understands what we’re doing and why. He understands that a bad moment doesn’t make a bad day. He knows that if he cries it’s okay to laugh soon after.

I found a daily intention tear off pad in Barnes and Noble and started using it with him. Every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday we write out our intentions. There are headings reading : Today I will : Be : Feel : Do: Appreciate: Let Go Of & Attract. Some days Julian fills every line and sometimes it’s only a few words. Once it’s filled out he tapes it to the wall next to the bed so he can remember what he wrote. He still slips his potty words in there but it’s followed by his real intentions.

I love the kid he’s growing into, his insight of self, his sensitive soul and his deep love for people and life. He teaches me something everyday making my heart grown and fill with gratitude.



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