YouTube and You!

lego table

A summer list of things to do turned into a home bound summer with lots of healing for me. I have been sick off and on for the past few years with no true explanation. I go soon for more testing to see if they can pin point my issues. This put a huge damper on our summer bucket list. Julian LOVES watching different channels on YouTube and wanted to start his own.

I already had a channel set up for my oils, which only has one video uploaded so far. So I changed the name to “The Guillaume Family, Adventures With Julian” and we started recording videos. So far I think we have 12 all together and are working on many different ideas for future videos. I was warned by one of my doctors to not allow Julian’s face to be seen on the channel. I am a very protective mother but feel that it is okay to have him on line showing what he loves. He is fully dressed and doing nothing inappropriate although I do know that a child can just exist and still attract a pervert no matter where they are, in person or on line. I decided to go forward and upload the videos and make them public.

Julian is a kid that is uncomfortable having a lot of attention on him and hates speaking in front of people. I feel that this is a great way to get him comfortable speaking in front of an audience, even if he is not physically in front of him. He loves talking about his toys, dinos and giving instructions on what he has learned. He is using his creativity to come up with different ideas for a video and figuring out what to use and how. He is his own director, producer and star of the show while I get to be the camera women behind the scenes.  His self esteem and confidence has increased an enormous amount.

We’ve gone to many garage sales as it allows us to find things to be a part of his videos that will keep us in budget since I have no consistent income right now. It is also something we can do together since I’m limited to what I can do and where I can go. This past weekend we went to 14 garage sales and found many treasures to add to his collection of ideas. We had a great time, his excitement and overall awe of going to so many garage sales was awesome.

I shared his channel on FaceBook asking people to like his videos and possibly subscribe and he was over the moon as he saw the numbers go up and that he got 5, YES 5 subscribers, only one that we know. I feel horrible that our bucket list has been put on hold until my PICC line comes out and get clearance to finally end my meds but Julian doesn’t seem to mind. We have recorded videos and uploaded them which he stated was his life long dream (he’s 7 lol).   In our hallway we have a collection of pictures, we add a few each day for an art show that we will have at the end of the summer and he’s gotten to sleep in without being rushed to go anyplace. He is happy even without all my planned activities…imagine that!!

If you want to check out our masterful creations, lol, you can check out Julian here Adventures With Julian.

Happy You Tube-ing everyone


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