I am a mother of a 6 year old boy named Julian and one furbaby named Jeorge.  I am a holistic practitioner with a Reiki practice, helping people heal in a holistic manner with healing energy and oils.  I love what I do, I love having the opportunity to give people an option in treating themselves holistically. Reiki is a form of energy healing where the energy flows through me onto my client.

Being a mother is all I ever wanted to be. After 10 years of trying I was finally blessed with my miracle. I had a difficult but wonderful pregnancy with a horrific delivery to follow which left me with post partum depression. I felt unworthy of this blessing, not good enough and cried feeling bad for Julian for being stuck with me. I have always been a spiritual person but this new found depression, which I am lucky only lasted a month moved me into the light even further. I have been put on a path that has led me to the best me I have ever been. I appreciate everyday, even the hard ones and try to lead by example to show my son that a bad moment doesn’t dictate the day, week, month or his life, it is just that…a moment.

I believe meditation gives us clarity in all aspects of our lives and I teach my son with guided meditation which sometimes is interactive with him leading the guidance. Manifestation and the Law Of Attraction are also big factors in our lives. What the mind thinks is what the universe hears. Karma is only bad if what you are putting out is bad. If you are living your life true there is only good that will come back to you.  I teach my son about manifesting things other than making dinosaurs come alive again.  He has his own vision board that he made himself. It hangs in his room as a reminder of what he is working towards for himself and for his overall life.  I try to teach by example which isn’t always easy but his eyes are a reminder that he is always watching.

I am his religion teacher, tiger scout leader, mom and his guide through a life that can be overwhelming at times. I love this kid to the moon and back and love that he is on my life journey with me.





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