Hi!! My name is Jennifer and I love motherhood, manifestation and telling it how it is.  I am a mother of a six-year-old named Julian, he is my world.  My last day of work in an actual office was January 11th, 2016. I was there for exactly 45 minutes before I drove myself to the hospital with a leg that was septic and health that was failing.  A month in and out of the hospital, this has been a long journey of ups and downs but I have never lost my faith in the God or the Universe. I am a holistic practitioner aside from my previous day job and it has helped me in these past months to keep my vibration up and running.

Getting sick was one of the worse things that happened to me with an amazing outcome. It is true how they say every cloud has a silver lining. Although I am limited in what I can do I am home with my son. For a nontraditional person the one thing I always wanted to be was a stay at home mom, it took 10 years for us to have Julian. I suffered many miscarriages in those years but was blessed with my miracle. I hated having to work as much as I did just to pay daycare to take care of him.  People would tell me the early years you want them to be in daycare because they are making their first friends and learning social skills that I couldn’t teach at home. I was told it is once they start school you want to be home. This made me feel no better about my situation as I knew when school started my situation would be the same, he would be in after care as I rush to pick him up after work. Getting sick while Julian was still in kindergarten let me be home for him. I am able to put him on the bus as well as take him off the bus. I can be at the school for events without the stress of taking a day off and see his face light up when he sees me there.  My lack of income has shown me what is really a necessity and the pain I feel daily is a motivation to keep on track to fight whatever is going on in my body.  I’ve always wanted to be a stay at home mom, not quite in these circumstances but I am grateful non the less.  No matter the circumstances I am living my best life. #iamopentoreceiving #guidance #bluehouse #loveandlight #healthandwealth