Shop Small, Give These Small Businesses a Look

Christmas,  Hanukkah,  Kwanzaa, birthdays, valentine’s day or just because here’s a list of some small businesses that have awesome products for that perfect gift.

Supporting  your local small businesses puts money back into the local community and helps keep it vibrant and growing.  Buying from shops on Etsy, Facebook, DaWanda or shopping at a local craft fair is investing in a person’s vision of entrepreneurship. You’re getting a great gift while helping to sustain a small business.

Great Earth Gifts:

Great Earth Gifts is an amazing store you can find on Etsy and Facebook. I have ordered key chains to help keep my chakras in balance as well as earrings and bracelets. The quality is amazing, the products are beautiful and the price is right. Looking at the products it is hard to believe they are made by a person local to me. If you are a spiritual person like myself this is a must shop for you or someone in your life.  There are so many items to help balance and keep your chakras in check like I did. The shop is more than that though, the  jewelry and key chains are made with recycled material as well as the natural stones and materials needed for your spiritual side. Harry Potter fan? You can check out this store for some unique items just for you!

Check out the store here:   or

Great Earth Gifts

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Holistic Healing:

This one is mine!  I am by trade a Holistic Practitioner using Reiki and essential oils to help people find a holistic alternative to their lives.  These tools that I gifted myself by educating myself on how to take care of Julian and myself without the use of modern medicine have been proven to be priceless.  Don’t get me wrong, we go to the doctor when needed but preventative healing is key to making those visits few and far between. Instead of treating yourself once you are sick, treat yourself to health everyday.

Reiki is a form of energy healing, the energy is channeled through me onto my client which activates natural healing through my clients body. Everyone gets a different unique experience when having a Reiki treatment. I also use oils in my practice. I will only use Young Living Essential Oils as they are the only company that owns their own seeds, farms, distilleries, they cold press the oils and test it to confirm it’s purity.  You can check out the seed to seal process here:Seed to Seal .  I am passionate about my journey as most are once they find their true passion, purpose and path in life. You can check me out here:

Young Living and

My Oil Awakening

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Do you have a small business you would like to add to this list? Message me and lets talk!

Crystal Pearl Boutique

Beautiful and affordable crystal healing jewelry and metaphysical supplies crafted with specific intent.  Everything on the site is handmade and every order gets a free gift picked special for the purchaser. The prices are reasonable and the choices are amazing. As said on her Etsy site “These are pieces for those seeking to raise their vibrational frequencies and connect with their higher-selves. Each item contains handpicked crystals stones feathers and findings, to create a perfect piece tailored for your desires. Mix it with crystal energies, add some meditation, and you have an extremely powerful tool for mind, body, and soul. Here you can also find custom special occasion jewelry, bridal jewelry, and bridal party sets.”

Check out her shop Here

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GEM Crochet Creations:

Scrolling through my timeline on Facebook I came across the dragon gloves shown below, I reposted #want on the post and within seconds they were ordered through GEM Crochet Creations. The gloves are amazingly well made and fit perfectly!  This is a perfect place to get that newborn cap for the newest addition to anyone’s family/friend.  Hats, gloves, booties.. as a matter fact anything you see on line that can be crocheted she can make for you! Kids, babies or adults, there is something for everyone.

You can check out all her products and order your own here:

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