Tiger Scouts

Julian wanted to be a Boy Scout in the worst way. He would look at pictures seeing them camping and climbing trees and get excited that he would soon be doing that also.  I signed him up, waiting to see who his leader would be, when no one volunteered I raised my hand and became a Tiger Scout Leader.

With new management in the troop there wasn’t as much direction as I needed so I headed to Google to help me out. I have a few things I have been putting together for my troop. I hope you find them helpful.

Learning the Scout Oath and Scout Law:

Getting a group of 5 and 6 year old boys to sit still for a full hour in general can be hard, but asking them to memorize one more thing that may not seem like fun can be tricky. Learning the oath and law may not be fun but it is necessary to bridge over from Bobcat to Tiger.  I took a school approach and introduced a worksheet that is structured like their school work with fill in the missing words and  tell me a story using the words. The kids were eager to complete the task and with the help of their parents all my scouts know the Scout Oath and Scout Law!

Here are my scoutoathandlaw printable worksheet. I hope it helps!! Happy Scouting!

Our Flag:

20161212_120231 (2).jpg

All the materials were purchased at my local craft store. The bigger blue felt is sewed at the top so we can put a branch threw it to hold it up. I traced the boys hands (2 missing) and had them print their names, cut them out and I glues them onto our flag. The letters were in a set of felt letters with sticky backs which I just placed on the flag. This was incredibly easy to make and allows them to have pride in our den.

You can find pintable’s here Printable  for attendance as well as other forms that are useful for your den.

Required Activates:

Families Duty to God:

I found papers on line to print out and gave the family the page info from the Tiger Scout book and had the Cub do it with the family.

I found the printable worksheet here -> my_family_duty_to_god which I found on the meritbade.org website.

Backyard Jungle and Tigers in The Wild we did in one swoop:

We met at my house where my backyard looks like it’s part jungle.  When the kids arrived I had two picnic matts out on the lawn. I asked each kid to bring a container to make a bird house. In each seat I made a folder with instructions for a nature scavenger hunt. After all items were found we headed into the “woods” and explored under rocks, tree bark and in the trees. We talked about the habitat that made it livable for the bugs we found as well as the birds in the trees that seemed enthralled at our hunt. After the woods we returned back to the picnic matts and made out birdhouses, traced hands for our flag and talked about the rules of nature.

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Last night we made “I am important” jars for the boys to write down something they did that they are proud of or something they accomplished and put it in the jar. We went around the table and each person told a reason that they love themselves and/or are important. It was great to hear what each kid thought was special about themselves. As they each said one thing I gave them something else that I thought was amazing about them. I got the jars at Michaels craft store for $1.00 each, the stickers were in packs of 4 each being 2.49, the little clothes pins with the chalk board attacked came with 2 in a pack and were also 1.00, last was blue chalk, that was in the 1.00 bin. They had a great time decorating and loved hearing good things about themselves.